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Is it really simple and easy to Stop Smoking Cigarette? For most smokers it is not, right? Are you among the millions of smokers trying to quit smoking seriously?

Why do most people fail once and again trying to stop smoking cigarette?

Please, let me explain the process:

There are two group of smokers, what group do you belong to?

FIRST group:

  • Young people thinking they are iron made.
  • People who think that bad things only happen to others.
  • Smokers conscious of problems of smoking, but always thinking to quit tomorrow.
  • People that are not still conscious about how harmful is smoking for them.

SECOND group:

  • People smoking for a while, conscious they need to stop smoking cigarette as soon as possible.
  • Smokers who have tried quitting before, but never a very serious way.
  • These have smoked more than ten or fifteen years, and already have some of typical symptoms of veteran smokers. In this group, there are people very scared thinking often that something will happen to them, at least they quit fast. Clock is counting against them…tic-tock
  • Smokers with some kind of disease already that required to stop smoking cigarette at once. The clock for this group already passed away, now it is a must to quit smoking, and hopefully they get lucky.

Who will quit smoking first, people of first or second group, assuming all of them smoke same quantity of cigarettes? I guess answer is crystal clear, right? Of course people of second group will stop first. smoke out spray preț


Answer is common sense too, because second group people is more CONSCIOUS of how harmful smoking is than people of first group, right? Then I have another question for you, do people of second group have more addiction to nicotine than first group people? NO, people of both groups have same addiction to nicotine. So, if all of them have same physical addiction to nicotine, what is the difference between both groups…


Easy, the KEY IS MENTAL DEPENDENCE. Yes, 90% is mental, I mean your addiction is dominated by your SUBCONSCIOUS mind. This is why you need to take the conscious decision to quit smoking, and then having a strong willpower to face against your subconscious. I hope you agree with me that people of second group have so much reasons to quit smoking than people of first group, so there will be a greater percentage of people from second group that will stop smoking and low percentage from first group.

Despite you belong to second group, 99% of smokers give same excuse for don´t stop smoking: I don´t have will power enough!

The subconscious mind is very powerful, because you can not control it as you do on your conscious mind, so majority of people look for help when they take the final decision to stop smoking cigarette. Unfortunately most of them make it wrong way, I mean they chose a method to faith against their physical instead mental addiction, as patches, gums, etc… That way they need to have a very strong willpower to struggle against their subconscious mind, and usually fail on the way.


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