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Cheapest Flights to Australia – When to Look For One

Let’s face it-travel is never cheap. Even the cheapest flights to Australia may very well be the largest expense of your whole trip to the continent! Why not save a huge chunk of your travel money by making sure you get the cheapest but safest seat possible?

To save on seats, forget last minute bookings. If you want to fly cheap to the Land Down Under, you book early. Below is a breakdown of the typical Australian travel year, and when it would make the most sense for tourists like you to try scoring tickets for less.

Christmas to New Year is when the airways are ridiculously busy. Don’t expect to get cheap seats during that time; you’ll be lucky to get seats at all!

October to February is tourist season in South Australia. It’s also when flights are the most expensive.

June to August is not just peak holiday season, it’s also when North Australia’s airways get incredibly busy. Domestic flights-as well as those going to Brisbane, Cairns, or Darwin-become full early so expect your ticket to be more expensive. If you can get one, that is.

September to November is a better time to travel, while June to September is the best season to book the cheapest flights to Australia. You won’t be disappointed – you’ll find many options.

Keep in mind that there is cheap Flight to Europe no single BEST flight. The price of your seat will depend on what part of the world you come from, and what part of Australia you wish to go to. It also depends on how flexible your schedule is, how long you intend to stay, and what you plan to do when you get there. You may want to work with a travel agent, you may not. Either way, it always pays to explore all your options first before you book. Learn when, where, and how to get the cheapest flights to Australia-and then book.

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